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What are we doing with our property assets when we let AI drive our vehicles?

"Software is eating the world." A quote from the article by Marc Andreessen in The Wall Street Journal in 2011 has predicted the future of the real estate market. Smart Building systems, data processing, geolocation, voice assistants integrated with Smart Home Systems, and advanced building automation technology - today's buildings are software coated with concrete, steel, and glass. The conclusion is simple: software has eaten the real estate market.

Along with the evolution of technology, real estate has evolved from being a shelter for a family to a profitable investment for a sizable financial return. As a result, overseas real estate investment has gained popularity in recent years to further a portfolio's diversification and access opportunities in growing countries. From Knight Frank's prediction last year, 2022 will be a record year for cross-border real estate investment in the Asia Pacific with investment volumes expected to grow by a third. While the overseas property can be treated as a vacation retreat, most overseas investors push the properties out to the rental market and receive rental income at ease with assistance from local property managers.

When placing our priceless lives in the hands of an AI-driving vehicle, most overseas real estate investors rely on property managers and spreadsheet reports to oversee their property assets worth millions or more. The property managers not only need to deal with the daily rent-related business but also need to spend time summarizing the execution status and results of the properties, leases, and financial reports by hand. Moreover, at the end of each month, they have to double-check their accounting multiple times to make sure the numbers are error-free, while the reports may lack details for the owners to fully understand the return of their properties.

Automating or digitizing real estate financial management is not exactly complex, a simple cloud software platform can already serve most of the purposes. Take JGB Smart Property, a PropTech company from Taiwan, as an example. Their cloud-based property management platform provides real-time performance analytics and monthly financial report automation for cross-border property management. From creating to adding, sending, and tracking any financial transactions, including rental payments and maintenance costs, their users can quickly access the nitty-gritty details or the big picture financial data anytime, anywhere you want. What's more, creating financial reports is a snap. JGB Smart Property aims to reduce accounting headaches and ensure every dollar is accurate.

While cross-border real estate investment has become more common, potential investors may hesitate due to the uncertainty and troubles of managing a property abroad or relying on a local property management agent. Meta Capital Inc, a real estate developer and asset management company based in Singapore, servicing affluent clients’ properties which has launched their property management arm in the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. JGB Smart Property has officially partnered with Meta Capital Inc. in 2022 to ensure its assets are well managed without onshore supervision. JGB Smart Property supports not only real-time performance analytics but also multi-language, multi-currency, multi-time zones, supporting investors in multiple countries to manage multinational residential and commercial assets effectively.

"The JGB Smart Property system is so good for property management companies, especially as we manage multi-country rental and sale properties. The online cash flow automation and the VR features are appealing to the South East Asia market and It reduces accounting headaches and ensures every dollar is accurate. With the JGB Smart Property system, we could assist our property investors in supervising their properties portfolio in real- time easily while building trust,

and making the right decision in investment."

- Bryan Nathaniel Ko, the Asset Management Manager of Meta Capital Inc.

When real estate is still managed mainly through labor, the fear of robots taking over the Earth indeed sounds unrealistic. It is time to embrace the new normal of digitalization. Create a better experience for you and your clients and fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes. Click here to try it for free now.


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