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How to collect data with technology, how cost-saving technology is

In our previous article we mentioned that despite being a USD228 trillion dollar industry and

the world’s largest asset class, the real estate industry has a huge problem around data. For

anyone involved in real estate, sourcing data is a very painful process. It currently involves

trawling through hundreds of in-house spreadsheets, siloed government departments,

property brochures, planning portals, calling around industry peers and more. Up to 90% of

any project or deal can be spent on manual processes and workflows that are similar to the

way things were done 10 or even 20 years ago. This creates a whole backward-looking

industry plagued by huge inefficiencies and lost value creation opportunities. The way to

drive real transformation in the industry is through data.

At Realinflo, we have devised a more efficient, more accurate and more cost-effective (both

in terms of time and costs saved) method of sourcing data. This is through the first

crowdsourcing platform for real estate professionals in Hong Kong and throughout other

markets in Asia. This is how it works.

As a real estate professional - if you’re an agent / broker, valuer / surveyor or researcher you

will likely have on hand lots of data and information around buildings and lease and sales

transactions. For example, as an agent you may have leased out several floors of an office

building or been involved in the sale of an en-bloc commercial building. In addition, you will

require data for either prospecting, negotiating on behalf of an existing client or providing

market updates related to your area of expertise to your network. As mentioned above, the

current processes of obtaining this data and information can be extremely slow, or even

difficult to obtain at all. This can slow down negotiations, causing deals to fall through, make

it hard to deliver meaningful analysis for your client and takes away valuable time for

developing client relationships. With Realinflo’s free data exchange platform, you can

exchange the data you have on hand for the data you need. This can vary from rental lease

details that an agent may have on hand, to measured floor areas from a valuer / surveyor to

detailed building information from a researcher.

The Realinflo data exchange is simple and easy to use. There is no data entry involved and

data can be submitted simply by drag-and-drop within the platform, by email or even via API.

Realinflo then does all the data validation and standardization, filling in any gaps in your data

and uploading to your individual or team database. There is also full control over your data -

choosing to keep your data private or to submit it anonymously to share with other real

estate professionals. If data is shared, you earn ‘Bricks’, which is the Realinflo in-platform

currency. With Bricks you can then ‘purchase’ the data you need to facilitate your next deal,

strengthen your comparable evidence for your next valuation or deepen your next piece of

research for your clients’ recommendation. It is 100% free to use, for use by the real estate

professional community only and there are in-platform tools you can use to maximise the

usage of your data. Never update a stacking plan in Excel again! As well as other

crowdsourced data, users have access to all data sourced in-house by Realinflo, further

boosting the comprehensiveness of your datasets.

It’s now not about hoarding limited data that gives you a competitive advantage. It’s about

having access to a wide range of data and tools and turning this into something meaningful

and actionable so that you can efficiently deliver value to your clients. Register for a free

account today at and save 90% of your research time and leave all your

tedious data entry to us. With Realinflo you can close deals faster, better support your

valuations and produce deeper analysis for your clients.


Gary Walter

MRICS Founder & CEO, Realinflo

Realinflo is a platform for real estate professionals to work together and strive towards leading transformation through data. We are in this together. Stay tuned for next week on how you can join the movement to digitize your workflow processes, significantly reduce your research costs and improve your value offerings to clients.


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