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Conversation with Onlab Resi-Tech (Japan)

One of the best accelerators in Japan, Open Network Lab (“Onlab”) is accepting applications for its Resi-Tech program until June 11. The Resi-Tech program runs from August to November. As a follow up to its highly successful first cohort, Resi-Tech is opening up applications to startups at all stages and is actively seeking non-Japanese startups.

This is the perfect opportunity for qualified startups to work with some of the biggest names in Tech and Real Estate in Japan. This program does not require participants to be full-time in Tokyo. Resi-Tech is centered around the themes of Lifestyle, Safety and Security, Health, Data Platforms and Real Estate.

We spoke with Kazuyuki “Kaz” Nakane, who is spearheading the Resi-Tech program. We were curious why Onlab is interested in real estate and why they are actively seeking overseas partners. Kaz tells us, “We believe that a lot foreign startups are way ahead of Japanese startups in the real estate industry. Combining their technology and products with our partners will bring something incredible that can accelerate digitalization in Japanese real estate industry.” He further tells us, “Being a part of Onlab Resi-Tech would be good for foreign startups seeking opportunities to expand their products to the Japan market. In the program, we can support them to with market feasibility studies and helping with a proof of concept to determine product/service fit for the Japan market.”

Onlab has a strong track record with matching startups with both capital and premier local partners. Multiple startups have received initial round of funding from Digital Garage (Japan) and have gone on to raise subsequent rounds of funding. Additionally, the Resi-Tech program matches startups with some of the most respected companies in Japan including:

· Cosmos Initia Co. Ltd. (Daiwa House Group)


· Tokyu Group

· Tokyo Tatemono Co. Ltd.

· West Japan Railway Company

· Nomura Real Estate Holdings‚ Inc.

· Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.

· Mitsui Fudosan Co.‚ Ltd.

Asia PropTech is excited about the Resi-Tech program. It’s the only accelerator program in Asia which provides access to funding and some of the biggest names in real estate, and in Japan, the biggest real estate market in Asia. If you’re a startup seeking to expand regionally within Asia, apply for the Resi-Tech program now! The deadline is June 11.



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