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LOVE YOUR CITY will focus on capturing the uniqueness of the 6 fastest growing cities from 6 continents.


The relationship between real estate, technology & people is one that will constantly redefine communities in cities over time. Love Your City is an initiative of Asia PropTech and SIH PropTech that focuses on finding agile solutions for different urban challenges in the world through capturing the uniqueness of the 6 fastest growing cities from 6 continents.  


Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Image by Denys Nevozhai

We see how cities are evolving. This change is mainly influenced by people & the experiences that they want in them. The pandemic has also played an integral role in this progress and what the future holds. Welcome to the new “normal”. 

Our Mission and Vision

Even with the same urban challenge, no two cities can apply the same solution and achieve identical result. Given the complexity of one city, the unique lifestyle and culture of the urban dwellers, the distinctive economic, political and environmental setting, urban solutions need to be adaptive and locally-based. Love Your City connects different cities across the 6 continents to create a platform for collaborative environment between companies, startups, and governments to create better cities in a better world. The key objective of Love Your City is to provide insights and resources for urban thinkers to brainstorm innovative solutions to their main urban challenge. 

With each of these six cities from these continents we will shine a spotlight on one major challenge faced. We'll look at the innovations from building/ construction, energy, security, utilities, ICT and mobility that are being solved in terms of these pandemic challenges and creating a better tomorrow in the process.

So please join us on this journey as we LOVE YOUR CITY

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Madite Moalusi

SIH PropTech

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Asia PropTech

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