Asia PropTech market is yet to be completely uncovered, get to here faster for the opportunities before the PropTech industry got saturated. Asia PropTech helps expanding foreign Proptech brands into Asia region by reselling and distributing, we can help reach new customers in different Asia countries. There are a lot of reasons foreign PropTech companies  are having a hard time breaking into the Asia market:

  • lack of physical presence in the customer’s country

  • limited understanding of the Asia real estate climate

  • inability to speak the local language

  • inability to provide customer support in the local language and time zone

By giving us a resell/distribute permission, the above problems are resolved as we will help you sells your products directly to the Asian customers with local support. As simple as it sounds.

Resell/distribute flow:

Preliminary understanding of the PropTech products and the potential in Asia market

Discussion commission rate and terms

Sign reseller/distributor agreement

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Rachel Yuen

Real Estate Innovation Officer

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