In 2018, Proptech funds invested over $4 billion. In 2019, this jumped to $6 billion. Asia PropTech aims to invest in PropTech startups and support their expansion to international markets, especially Asia. We provide emerging PropTech businesses with access to finance investments at the same time offer investors a unique investment solution, with personalization of different real estate projects and goals.

Asia PropTech understands the PropTech business and therefore able to give you accurate advices on your investment and ensure profits. We actively monitor the PropTech global investment and analyse the opportunities and risks. We also have different programs such as accelerators and co-creation program to assist the PropTech company in making a profit. Our expertise will allow you to make a wise and informed PropTech investment.

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Keep close contact with our investment experts

Receive timely update of the PropTech market

Make your own investment decisions

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Rachel Yuen

Real Estate Innovation Officer